Alduin awoke due to the influx of magicka during the oblivion crisis, meaning the empire now has to deal with both flying gods of destruction, and the oblivion gates popping up everywhere. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they have you.
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PostSubject: Plot   Fri Mar 02, 2012 10:12 pm

After the Nerevarine fulfilled the prophecies, he discovered he truly was betrayed by the Tribunal. After he killed them, many of the old beleivers left to go to Cyrodiil, knowing that the Nerevarine would not be punished, since he had evidence now, from Vivec's own writings. Within the years between the oblivion crisis and the nerevarine prophecies, many nations split from the empire. Morrowind was eventually conqueered by the Argonian empire, Azuilea. This was thanks to the eruption of Red Mountain, which nearly destroyed Morrowind itself. The Thalmor have split from the Empire. The rest of the countries maintain their union with the empire, though some are tempted to rebel to test their old masters. The remaining dark elves are spread through Skyrim and the Thalmor nations.

Meanwhile, the emperor has been killed, and the amulet of kings lost, oblivion gates continually pop up randomly, calling powerful warriors to close them. The Mythic Dawn has been strangely quiet, but that may be due to even the dark brotherhood going after them.

The Dark Brotherhood is flourishing more than ever due to the intense hatred between nations.

The Fighter's Guild and Mages guild are both doing similar with the Dark Brotherhood.

The Psijic Order has begun to recruit again, specific individuals with incredible talents.

The Nerevarine has returned from his trip to the Akaviri continent, with many new allies, intending to build an empire truly for all. He has begun by taking Windhelm, Morrowind, and Solsthiem.

Even with all this, the ancient Dragons have been reborn, creating even more chaos. Mostly for Skyrim and Cyrodiil, but other countries are not untouched. The empire is weak without an emperor to lead them, perhaps that can change soon.

There has been news that some old Daedric lords have awakened, along with the one who truly made Nirn, but in a different way than most expected.

The Dwemer and Falmer have began to reappear and become more urbanized with other races.

All in all, something is going on behind the scenes, can you figure it out before the lies swallow the world?
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