Alduin awoke due to the influx of magicka during the oblivion crisis, meaning the empire now has to deal with both flying gods of destruction, and the oblivion gates popping up everywhere. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they have you.
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 Magic Rules

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PostSubject: Magic Rules   Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:43 pm

1. If you are at least a journeyman in any magic skill, you may make custom spells.
2. Magic is made to be custom, so have fun with it, just dont overdo it.
3. Special magic items, such as the Eye of Magnus, must be approved by me and another admin.
4. Daedric magic is allowed, by that I mean if you make a character who can change the weather, that is fine.
5. Additional rules will be added later.
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Magic Rules
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