Alduin awoke due to the influx of magicka during the oblivion crisis, meaning the empire now has to deal with both flying gods of destruction, and the oblivion gates popping up everywhere. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they have you.
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 First Rules

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PostSubject: First Rules   Thu Feb 23, 2012 8:55 pm

The rules are rather simple, and easy to follow.

1. Do not disrespect any member of the site, there is a difference between joking and bullying.
2. Do not fight with admin, if you beleive you are being treated unfairly, a higher ranking admin will step in and decide.
3. Do not attempt to copy another's work.
4. Do not threaten anyone outside of IC, seriously, dealing with it is tedious and makes ya look immature.
5. Any questions, ask staff. They are there for a reason.
6. Cuss all you want, just dont start with zhe racism.
7. No porn, if you want a lemon done, I suggest pms, but if you dont want that, you can put Lemon in the topic title, eg. (Lemon) Meeting Fate, helps keep whiners away.
8. Unfortunately, it is first come first serve, thus, the first one to finish an archmage will be the archmage.
9. Try to keep it close to lore, I dont care if you make a custom race, but make it at least somewhat plausible. (I find alot of things plausible, Ill have you know)
10. Non staff CAN post in creation topics that are not their own, by doing so we see their potential to become staff, and it helps the staff out a great deal.
11. Finally, dont go crazy, unless you're sheogorath... then go crazy.
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First Rules
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